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Think 7 (T7) Inception Conference 2022 - Strengthening Social Cohesion

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Saturday 3 December, 2022


The Think7 task force on Strengthening Social Cohesion will explore themes at the confluence of three pressing topics – the environmental transition, social protection systems, and digital democracy. Strengthening social cohesion will be pivotal for successfully maneuvering through the coming decade: Successful global climate action will require social conditions that promote willingness at all levels to engage. To relieve the strain from regional inequalities, de-industrialization, and ageing demographics, G7 countries will have to dramatically increase the efficiency and efficacy of their social protection systems and make them more adaptable, empowering, inclusive and sustainable. Last but not least, democracy requires that social cohesion be rooted in shared perceptions of facts and realities; thus, establishing data citizenship is central to the long-term health of democratic governance.
The task force will develop specific policy recommendations for the G7 that address these challenges and strengthen social cohesion.

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