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Friday 27 May, 2011


Event 1

Friday 27 May 2011
Venue: Talk Tent

My Avatar, Myself
Speaker: Henrietta Moore

When we extend ourselves into the virtual where do we, ourselves, end? With endless new capacities to animate our intentions beyond the body, leading anthropologist Henrietta Moore proposes this is far more than projection.


Event 2

Saturday 28 May 2011
Venue: International Tent

Who Looks Back in the Mirror?
Speakers: Barry C. Smith, Simon May, Julian Baggini, Henrietta Moore. Chair: Martin Jacques

In its focus on language and structure 20th century philosophy all but eradicated the need for the human subject. Now there are signs that the self is on its way back. But are we any closer to understanding the self, and what makes each one of us who we are?

Martin Jacques uncovers who philosopher / writer / broadcasters, Simon May, Barry C Smith, and Julian Baggini and cultural theorist Henrietta Moore think they really are.


Event 3

Saturday 28 May 2011
Venue: Globe Hall

The New Romantics
Speakers: Peter Hacker, Iain McGilchrist, Joanna Kavenna. Chair: Henrietta Moore

Should we be celebrating the end of rationality in favor of a more romantic sensibility? Or are we, in the words of J.G. Ballard, ‘re-primitivizing’ ourselves and entering an age of magic, unreason and romantic superstition?

Consultant psychiatrist, and author of The Master and His Emissary Iain McGilchrist, award-winning novelist Joanna Kavenna, and Oxford philosopher Peter Hacker look beyond reason.


Event 4

Sunday 29th May 2011
Venue: International Tent

Rise of the Machines

Speakers: Lilian Edwards, Peter Hacker, Hilary Lawson. Chair: Henrietta Moore

From 2001 to the Matrix, intelligent machines have played a central role in our fictions. But for half a century Artificial Intelligence research has been stalled. Now advances in robotics and language translation have put AI back on the agenda. But is AI possible or just a science fiction fantasy? And should we be excited or fearful at the prospect?

Eminent Oxford philosopher Peter Hacker, lawyer and technology guru Lilian Edwards and postpostmodernist Hilary Lawson imagine a future ruled by machines.


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